What is “Naturally for Birds” ?

During its first 10 years Save the Gouldian Fund supported a comprehensive research program under the leadership of award winning scientist Dr Sarah Pryke (at the Australian National University and MacQuarie University). Research covered the ecology, behaviour, physiology and nutritional requirements of a range of finches in the field in northern Australia and in world class captive breeding facilities. Part of the work focused on the diet components and their nutritional value for wild finches throughout the year in Australia’s tropical savannas.

Using both the wild and captive research, a range of supplements was subsequently formulated to mimic the quality and diversity of the natural diets of wild Australian seedeaters. When added to a traditional seed diet, the scientific trials showed significant improvements in the general health and well-being of birds, as well as increasing fertility, breeding success, nestling and juvenile growth rates and survival, as well as a number of other health, survival and reproductive-related effects.

This led to the decision to extend this nutritional work across a range of different finch species, which have very different nutritional requirements. Of course, this means we face the difficulty that more funding is required.

NATURALLY for BIRDS was formed with a view to making the outcomes of this research accessible to aviculturists worldwide, whilst supporting continued research on avian nutrition.
At the same time your purchases of NFB supplements will also provide ongoing funding for Save The Gouldian Fund activities, as we continue the recovery and conservation efforts of the Gouldian and other finches in Australian landscapes.

So buying NFB products will not only ensure good health and breeding results for your birds, but will contribute to funding more nutritional research and the conservation of our endangered finches.

Welcome to Naturally for Birds.

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