Estrildid Finches

By G.J. Huisman.

After 9 years of extensive research, I am very pleased to announce that the unique book ‘Estrildid Finches of the World’ will soon be published in English and Dutch. The book consists of 396 A4 pages of descriptive and factual text, 1,052 full-colour photographs and 146 maps, printed on high quality paper and bound with a laminated hard cover.

The family of Estrildid comprises 34 genera with 145 species and 239 subspecies, each having its own quirks!

All 145 species and their subspecies are described in detail and the unique distribution maps present the spread of all subspecies in different colours.  

Original photos show nestling mimicry of estrildid finches and their parasitic whydahs and indigobirds, making this a fascinating resource for evolutionary biologists.

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Soon available in October can preorder now $150.00 including postage.

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