Header Slideshow

The first subpage of the frontpage template may act as the ‘header’ to your homepage, and can be used to create an impressive slideshow. After creating the ‘header’ page, you won’t need to add any content to the page itself; instead, you’ll need to add a subpage to your subpage. In this new sub-subpage, add a featured image using the options on the right sidebar; this image will be used as a slide in your slideshow. If you want to add text over the slide, then just add the text to your page’s WYSIYG editor like a normal page. There’s also a custom field called ’slide_url’, where you may add a link if you want the slide to link to a post, page or external website.

Keep adding more subpages to your ‘header’ page, each with a featured image and text. Once you’re done, your frontpage will have a nice-looking header made up of the featured images of the sub-subpages, along with the text you added in the content field for each ‘slide’ as a text overlay.

The order of the slides in the slideshow will be decided by the publish date of the slide pages, with the slide page published the earliest appearing first, and the latest slide page appearing last.

Remember, the first subpage of the frontpage template is the only subpage that can be used as a header slideshow; all frontpage subpages after that will be flexible depending the content and whether they have featured images and subpages of their own, but they will not be able to create a slideshow.

Settings connected with the slider may be found in Template Options -> Frontpage tab.


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