JOHN IMPEY of “Birds and More

“”Naturally for Birds is thrilled to welcome a new agent for our products in Victoria. JOHN IMPEY of “Birds and More” is well known to many across aviculture in Victoria and he will now be an agent for the Naturally for Birds suite of supplements.
John is also thrilled to be associated with NFB and had his first exposure with our productsat the Skye Bird Expo organised by the Mornington Peninsula Avicultural Society on May 23, 2021. This is one of the biggest bird events in Victoria with at least 100 bird sellers and traders and a fitting location for John to first display our products. We wish him great success. 
John Impey attends many bird events and clubs in Victoria, particularly among the numerous Canary and Budgie clubs. We have seen great interest from these clubs for products like PRIMA, PROTEIN BOOST and MICRONUTRIENTS. John can become the best source of Naturally for Birds products for these clubs and anyone in Victoria.””

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