A warning.

The health food industry has designated SPIRULINA a SUPER FOOD. This is a bit ‘hypie’ but in fairness in this case they have got it pretty right, so much so that here at NFB we include it in all of our supplements.
Not by itself, but working together with some of the other ingredients in our products, it will have a beneficial effect on fertility, the immune system, feather colour and growth.
The analysis below will give you an idea of how amazing this ingredient is:

WARNING – wonderful though Spirulina is, like many things in life, the right amount will do you a world of good, but too much is bad for you, and in this case, give too much to your birds and they will get tummy troubles.
There is the correct amount of SPIRULINA in NFB products to give you all of the benefits without a vestige of harm, so don’t add any more!

NB. There is no danger of overdosing your birds on any NFB supplement.

Pigment Phytonutrients, Carotenoids and Amino Acids.

Physical Properties General Analysis
Composition 100% Spirulina Protein 55-70%
Appearance fine powder Carbohydrates 15-25%
Colour dark blue-green Fats (Lipids) 06-08%
Odour and Taste mild like seaweed Minerals (Ash) 07-13%
Bulk Density .35 to .60 Kg/ltr Moisture 03-07%
Particle Size 64 mesh through Fiber 08-10%

Natural Pigment Phytonutrients (per 10mg / % total)

Pigment Colour Per 10g % Spirulina
Phycocyanin Blue 1400mg 14%
Chlorophyll Green 100mg 1.0%
Carotenoids Orange 47mg .47%

Natural Carotenoids (per 10grms / % total)

Pigment Colour % Per 10g % Spirulina
Carotenes Orange 54% 25mg 0.25%
Beta carotenes 45% 21mg 0.21%
Other carotenes 9% 4mg 0.04%
Xanthophylls Yellow 46% 22mg 0.22%
Myxoxanthophyll 19% 9mg 0.09%
Cryptoxanthin 3% 1mg 0.01%
Echinenone 2% 1mg 0.01%
Other Xanthophylls 6% 3mg 0.03%
Total Carotenids Orange/Yello 100% 47mg 0.47%

Natural Phytonutrients (per 10 grms / % total)

Phytonutrient Composition Per 10g % Spirulina
Gamma Linolenic Acid Essential fatty acid 130mg 1.3%
Glycolipids Lipid 200mg 2.0%
Sulfolipids Glycolipid 10mg 0.1%
Polysaccharides Carbohydrate & Sugar 460mg 4.6%

Amino Acids

Essential Amino Per 10g %total
Isoleucine 350mg 5.6%
Leucine 540mg 8.7%
Lysine 290mg 4.7%
Methionine 140mg 2.3%
Phenylalanine 280mg 4.5%
Threonine 320mg 5.2%
Tryptophan 90mg 1.5%
Valine 400mg 6.5%
Non-Essential Per 10g % Total
Alanine 470mg 7.6%
Glycine 320mg 5.2%
Arginine 430mg 6.9%
Aspartic Acid 610mg 9.8%
Cystine 60mg 1.0%
Glutamic Acid 910mg 14.6%
Histidine 100mg 1.6%
Proline 270mg 4.3%
Serine 320mg 5.2%
Tyrosine 300mg 4.8%


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