Prima FAQ

Q. What is Prima ?

A. PRIMA was developed to be used as a ‘predictable’ base supplement or soft food.
PRIMA was formulated as a complete soft food containing a level of all nutrients necessary to maintain healthy stock.

With the exception of the AUSTERITY PERIOD, PRIMA is recommended for use throughout the year.

To maximise results during the breeding period, we recommend the addition of PROTEIN BOOST and MICRO-NUTRIENTS.

Q. What Birds is Prima is available for ?

A. Finches, small parrots, budgerigars and canaries.

Q. When do you feed it ?

A. Introduce Prima 6 weeks prior to and during the breeding season, during the moult and a small quantity during maintenance. Continue feeding juveniles.

Q. How do you feed it ?

A. Prima may be fed by adding 13% or 1:8 Prima with a sprouted seed/milk seed mix OR in a soft food mix OR with a dry seed mix to which an oil as been added as a carrier for the supplement.

Q. Can Prima be overfed ?

A. The answer is NO. Prima can be frozen.

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