Sample Annual Finch Plan [Australia].

January:- Breeding diet.

February:- Breeding diet.

March:- Breeding diet.

April 1st to 16th:- Austerity diet [to push them into moult].

May:- Maintenance seed diet + 2.5mg of supplement per bird.

June:- Maintenance seed diet + 2.0mg of supplement per bird.

July:- Maintenance seed diet + 1.0mg of supplement diet.

August:- Austerity diet.

September:- Breeding diet.

October:- Breeding diet.

November:- Breeding diet.

December:- Breeding diet.

N.B. Birds are controlled by diet, so change the month you start the sequence to suit your climate, country or your personal plan.

Austerity diet:

80% Any millet

20% Rye or Cocksfoot

Shell grit mix:

Charcoal, egg shell, crushed sea shell, crushed oyster shell and cuttlebone. For some species [Pictorellas], shave the cuttlebone.

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