The Finch… A breeder’s Companion.

By Russell Kingston OAM,

The most complete coverage of finch aviculture in Australia, with details on aviary design and husbandry of all the species available. 568 pages of amazing observations from one of the legendary leaders of finch breeding in Australia.


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• Authored by Russell Kingston, OAM, this book encompasses nearly 60 years of keeping and breeding finches by the author.
• Hard-covered, with 528 pages (305mm x 220mm).
• This book is packed with information on breeding, conservation, health, housing, husbandry, nutrition and covers 25 families of finches.
“A unique combination of abilities has gone into the production of this book, which so
attractively encapsulates the far ranging experiences of a lifetime’s commitment to its
topic. It is tempting to say that it will be the pinnacle publication on aviculture as relating
to the finches and other seed-eating birds, but the last work in any human endeavour is
seldom written. Rather, let me say that this is a superlative presentation of the cultivation
of the finches at the dawn of the 21st Century, worthy and fit to inspire the rising new
generation of aviculturists.”
Fred Barnicoat, M.A., Johannesburg, South Africa.


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