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Lightweight European style catching nets suitable for birds from Finches up to medium sized Parrots. Featuring a unique net attachment system (Patent Pending), KlikNets Australia is a new business for Naturally for Birds.


300mm rings

Padded Rings

Unpadded Rings

Three Ring Sizes






These nets are light, flexible, durable and easy to use. They are designed to make you look good when catching birds.
Their greatest feature is that you can detach the head and net from the handle using our patented “Klik” attachment mechanism.
Easy to replace a damaged net, easy to have handles of differing lengths.

Multiple Options:   

Three ring diameters – 140 mm, 265mm, 300mm.             Most nets are 450mm deep.
– Two net colours – white or black.
– Three handle lengths – 160mm, 300mm or 450mm.
– Rings of the 300mm rings can be padded or unpadded.
– 300mm nets come with a light gauge ring suitable for finches and similar birds, or a heavier gauge suitable for parrots.
Mix and match, replace components.
These are the catching nets for you. 


140mm Unpadded (Unp) with 300mm handle – $15
265mm Unpadded (Unp) with 300mm Handle – $20
300mm Unpadded (Unp) with 300mm or 450mm handle – $20
300mm Padded ( Pad) with 300mm or 450mm handle – $24
Email us for other combinations at “contact us” at bottom of page.

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"140mm"Unp, 300mm" Unp, 300m Pad", 265mm Unp