Nest Boxes

These are light but bulky – please DON’T order through the website. Email for purchase and best freight rates. 




NEST BOXES –  “Well designed, lightweight plastic nestbox suitable for finch breeding in cabinets or aviaries. Featuring air vents in the bottom, an opening lid for inspection and an entrance perch. The real advantage is this box can be dismantled for washing and sterilising between uses’
Heavy duty, washable plastic nest boxes.
Suitable for finches and softbills – 13cm x 10cm x 9.5cm high.
Complete with hooks allowing attachment to the outside or inside the cage.
Adequate ventilation.

If you are purchasing Nest Boxes or Bird Baths ONLY, please order by email directly to . If purchasing these products with NFB supplements then proceed to order through the website.


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Weight .19 kg