Parrotfinches and Their Mutations

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by Rik Meerema

This 128 page book is expertly written by Rik Meerema and Pieter van der Hooven and beautifully printed. With descriptions of all the Parrotfinches and their known mutations, this book provides a wealth of information for Parrot Finch enthusiasts. It does so by the use of nearly 130 quality photos taken by Pieter van der Hooven and other photographers from all over the world.

Contents include an introductory section on housing, feeding, breeding and showing of Parrotfinches, followed by chapters on each species – Tawny Breasted, Pin-Tailed, Green-Faced, Tri-Coloured, Blue-faced, Red-eared, Papuan, Red-faced, Red-headed, Peales, Royal, Pink-Billed and the Gouldian (yes, it’s a Parrotfinch).

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