The Gouldian Finch.

By Stewart Evans & Mike Fidler.

The complete compilation of information on Australia’s most colourful finch with details on Gouldians in the wild and in aviculture, plus coverage of much research on the decline of the wild population.




  • Authored by two of the world’s leading authorities on the Gouldian Finch. Professor Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler have conspired to produce the definitive work on the subject.
  • Hard-covered, with 239 pages (250mm x 180mm).
  • Packed with cutting edge information, graphs and photographs.
  • This book is not only essential reading for the serious Gouldian Finch breeder, but contains information applicable to many finch species.

     “To those seriously concerned with the preservation of the Gouldian Finch in the wild,
     bird breeders interested in producing them in both their natural and many coloured
     forms, through to anyone with a passing interest in this magnificent species, I commend 
     this book.”
              Russell Kingston, OAM

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