Virkon S



50g Sachet

1kg containers are available email

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Virkon S – a powerful disinfectant. Attached is an image of the label for the website. Text for the Product Description as follows:

“Naturally for Birds is proud to now be a distributor of Virkon S, one of the most effective disinfectants available for use in animal production systems worldwide.

With powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi, Virkon S is selected by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control.

In aviculture our use of Virkon S is in the soaking of seed for sprouting as a highly nutritious food for breeding finches, parrots, canaries and budgies. See new Information Sheet for a full Description. Available in 50g Sachet for $7.90 or we can supply 1kg containers.”


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Weight .50 kg