“15 cm Cotton Rolls – water for your fly colony”.





Do you breed bushfly maggots for your finches? Are you sick of drowned flies and putrid water?

Here’s a simple way to reliably provide water for your breeding flies. Plastic container and lid holds the water. Make a 1 cm hole in the lid and insert a 15 cm cotton roll so that half is in the water and half lays on the lid. The cotton roll draw water out of the reservoir, becomes saturated and the flies drink directly from the roll. No more flies contaminating the water itself. The rolls last a couple of weeks at least and can be replaced when you refill the water reservoir. You can also add a water sanitizer in the reservoir if you wish. It won’t hurt your flies.

15cm Cotton Roll now available in a pack of 50 for $18.75 plus postage. Fifty will be plenty for your fly box for at least a year. One pack weighs 120gms, but postage for these alone will add a bit. However, if you buy a pack with your NFB supplements it won’t increase the postage



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