Why do we do with three supplements?

By Gary Fitt –  Brisbane.

All the Naturally for Birds supplements were developed over nine years by Dr Sarah Pryke and Save the Gouldian Fund research team to support their work with several finch species at ANU and Mike Fidler’s research facility.  But why are there three supplements?

PRIMA was formulated as a complete soft food to support a range of research work and its 23 different components helped to mimic the diversity of nutrients available in a wild diet. The researchers wanted to ensure that diet was optimal while they measured other reproductive and genetic traits.  PRIMA is a complete softfood to bring birds into breeding condition and maintain to condition.

PROTEIN BOOST was then developed for experiments where the researchers needed to vary the intake of protein in order to measure differences in performance from protein deficient and protein sufficient diets. Proteins provide the amino acids needed as building blocks for body growth, tissue repair, to maintain health and of course if critical for growing chicks. Of the 20 essential amino acids, three are particularly important for breeding birds – Methionine, Lysine and Cysetine. PROTEIN BOOST provides balanced levels  of all essenttial amino acids through readily assimilated protein sources needed for growth and development of nesting and particularly for the more insectivorous finches and softbills. PROTEIN BOOST – all essential amino acids for rapid growth and development.

Finally MICRO-NUTRIENTS was formulated from a diverse range of herbs and other plants ingredients to supply a rich source of carotenes and co-factor which  drive  many health processes of carotenes in your birds. Carotenoids support fertility, colour intensity of plumage and overall health of the immune system. MICRO-NUTRIENTS simulates the diverse range of minor food items that birds gather in the wild but rarely get in a captive environment . Micronutrients- for fertility, colour intensity and overall health.

The three supplements serve different purpose and can be used alone or in combination to archive genuine outcome. Many canary breeders use PRIMA as their softfood. Many finch breeders use all three supplements blended into their sprouted seed or other soft foods. Some budgie breeders use Protein Boost mixed with their sprouted seed. How you use the supplements really depends on the type of bird, and what they are doing -ie, juvenile, moulting, building condition in preparation for the breeding season, actively breeding or in a austerity period. They can be introduced to your birds singly or together. To measure the benefits you will gain by using the products you are advised to compare the results over a whole breeding cycle to give the the products to work.

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